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V-traps are sold and manufactured by Temperature Control Services, LLC located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After nearly four years of testing and use by our customers the V-trap has never failed. It is the cost effective solution to the troublesome P-trap and it is guaranteed for 3 Years. V-trap condensate drain traps are used on residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners and air handlers from 1 ton to 90 tons and up to 8 inches negative pressure (- 8" W.C.).

Cinque Terre

No modifications to the air conditioning equipment needed.

Simply attach the V-trap to the unit with the included adapter; the same way you would install a P-trap. Or install an in-line V-trap in the vertical condensate drain line. The unique valve design of the V-trap condensate drain trap eliminates all the problems associated with other condensate traps. This saves you money by reducing maintenance costs and call backs.

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