Installation Instructions

V-trap Installation Instructions




Measure the amount of negative pressure on the drain pan using a water gage such as a U-tube manometer, or a magnehelic gage.  Before taking a measurement make sure the air conditioning filters are clean.   Add 0.5 inch W.C. (Water Column) to your reading to allow for dirty filters.  This measurement establishes a base line for the air conditioning system and can be used to determine when to replace the filters.  Install the V-trap that is rated within your measured reading.

New Air Conditioner Startup
The evaporator coils on new air conditioners have a light coating of oil used in the manufacturing process.  The air conditioning manufacturer recommends detergent cleaning and thorough rinsing of the coil before startup.  If not cleaned, the condensed water will bead and blow off the coil causing corrosion damage to the interior of the air conditioner.  This oil may also damage the V-Trap Condensate Drain valve, voiding the warranty. 

Installing the V-trap Drain
Install the V-trap the same way you install standard P-traps.  Attach the adapter fitting to the air conditioner or air handler and glue the nipple to the adapter and V-trap.  Adjust the V-trap in a vertical position and make sure the cap is firmly in place.  Be careful not to get glue on the valve assembly.

Periodic  Maintenance
A regular maintenance schedule must be followed to insure proper operation of the equipment.  The V-Trap Condensate Drain can be cleaned with the same detergent used for air conditioner coil cleaning.  Flush the coil and drain with clean water to remove detergent residue.  Bleach and algae tablets can be used to reduce algae build-up if desired.