V-traps cost too much.  Are you sure?

V-traps cost too much. Are you sure?

Posted by Staff on 12th Sep 2019

You've been using p-traps for your whole HVAC career. P-traps are what has been used and you started using them because that's what everyone uses. P-traps have their problems. They can freeze and when they freeze they break. They can lose their prime when the p-trap dries out. They plug up with dirt and mold causing possible health problems. Eliminating just these problems is reason enough to justify using a V-trap!

The V-trap is the answer! Why risk your reputation by installing a problem p-trap when a simple cost effective solution is available? We have all been there and dealt with all the problems associated with P-traps. Can you justify sending a technician back to the job you just finished installing just because the installer forgot to prime the P-trap. Think of the damage to you and your company's reputation, customer's building, all because you think you "saved" $20...

V-traps are ready to use!

No assembly of the V-trap is required!

Have you ever been finishing a job and the p-trap still needed to be assembled? There were three or four guys standing around waiting for ten or fifteen minutes for the p-trap. The guys that were standing around are costing you about $50 per hour per person. The p-trap just cost you more than the price of the parts! The p-trap cost you $60 or more! The highest priced V-trap is $29.95.

There is the price verses the cost of doing business. Just because the price is low doesn't mean that the final cost is low. P-traps have hidden costs that affect your bottom line and your reputations bottom line.

V-traps save you from having upset customers thinking you have inept service people.

Move to V-traps and eliminate the problem-prone p-traps from your life forever!